All of our workshops are interactive and engage participants by encouraging them to share their attitudes and opinions in a safe environment. Based on the availability of the college diversity speaker as well as the affordable pricing of our programming, we strongly encourage you to book in advance for your campus.


ISIM – Racism, Sexism and Heterosexism, Recognizing and Understanding the Connections:  Our most popular workshop challenges participants to take a personal look at their own “isms”. Participants really “go there” sharing there attitudes towards race, gender and sexual orientation. They explore the words, actions, attitudes of themselves and their world. Popular news stories and current events are used in this workshop making it highly effective.

Programming Suggestions: Personal Development, Leadership, Team-Building, African-American, Women, LGBT, Multiculturalism, Black History Month, Women’s Herstory Month

Hip Hop and…

Hip Hop, Sexism and Heterosexism*:  Our second most popular workshop, Hip Hop, Sexism and Heterosexism is a combination of two workshops – Hip Hop & Homophobia and Hip Hop & Sexism. This interactive workshop explores the images, lyrics and messages in hip-hop past and present and how it plays into sexism and heterosexism.

This workshop starts with a little hip hop history, helping attendees to identify the four elements of hip hop. It then moves on to an analysis of what is hop hop today and what it was in the past. The role of women as well as members of the LGBT community in hip hop culture is explored. And, we examine the usage of words like “bitch”, “ho” “fag” and yes even “nigga”.

*This workshop can be focused on sexism or heterosexism depending upon your organization’s needs. Please inform us at the time booking. 

Programming Suggestions: Personal Development, African-American, Women, LGBT, Multiculturalism, Black History Month, Women’s Herstory Month


Intersections: This very popular workshop takes a look at how we classify ourselves and each other and explores the challenges that we face being members of various subcultures. We start with sex, gender identity, race, ethnic identity and sexual orientation and move into other subcultural identities. The primary focus of this workshop is to help participants identify times, places and circumstances where they feel they must choose between their identities. What are the reasons behind this “choice”? And does this affect one’s self esteem? How can one develop a more balanced perspective? We also explore the very nature of classification, its purpose and what it means to us personally.

Programming Suggestions: Personal Development, Multiculturalism, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation

DiverCITY/There Is No I in Team

DIVERCity/There is no I in team but there is an ME: This two part workshop is our premiere leadership development and team building workshop. Part 1 focuses on teaching group leaders how to effectively draw upon the diversity of their organization in order to strengthen it and achieve group goals. Part 2 is a team building workshop that focuses on individual personal development and how it affects the group dynamic. It is geared towards organizations who seek to strengthen their interpersonal relationships and draw upon the strength of the group’s diversity. 

Programming Suggestions: Leadership, Team-Building, Personal Development, Multiculturalism

The Acquisition of Balance

The Acquisition of Balance: According to, of the new cancer cases diagnosed each year, 72,000 adolescents and young adults aged 15-39 are diagnosed with cancer. That’s one new case in the 15-39 age group every eight minutes. One in every 100 US college students is a cancer survivor and of the 14M cancer survivors in the United States, one in 5 is under 40.

Based on the soon to be released book by the same name, this new workshop is a very personal and important workshop exploring what it is like to live with a long standing illness, how the illness affects you, how you can use your illness to create positive changes in your life and resources that we all should have.

As a cancer survivor, Tomas felt the need to not only share his story but also his strength and encouragement to those living with, affected by or surviving cancer.

Programming Suggestions: Cancer AwarenessPersonal Development Programming

Attack of The Trolls (NEW)

Attack of the Trolls: We’ve all been online and we’ve all seen the comments. A conversation about healthcare becomes an indictment against all Black people as welfare recipients; an article about a woman being raped is punctuated by a “dressing like she wanted it” comment; A Latino American looking for work becomes an argument about immigration; and the list goes on and on. This is trolling.

The most popular definition of trolling on the UrbanDictionary states:

Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it’s the internet and, hey, you can.  

But how much of this is an attempt to get a rise out of people and how much of this is actually how people feel? This workshop asks that question and many others as we explore the differences between trolling and online bullying.

Programming Suggestions: Bullying, Cyber Bulling, Trolling, Personal Development, Leadership, Team Building

Are You Being Your Best You? (NEW)

Are You Being Your Best You?: If ever there was a question this would be one of the hardest to answer. Sometimes being your best you means doing what is best for you in the long-term not the short term. But in a world filled with immediate gratification, how can we ensure that we are taking care of ourselves and being our best self.

This workshop focuses on the struggles that young adults face as they come into their own, finding a work-life balance, taking care of family and friends while still taking care of oneself  and accepting one’s weaknesses while capitalizing on one’s strengths.

Programming Suggestions: Personal Development

Lead With Love and Laugh as They Hate You (NEW)

Lead With Love and Laugh as They Hate You: May I? Please. Thank you. Growing up I was taught it was the little things that mattered. Good manners, along with acts of kindness and courtesy seem to be lost of in the world of fast paced interactions.

This workshop was specifically designed to reconnect us with those lessons we learned in kindergarten and help us connect them with our modern world.

Programming Suggestions: Personal Development