All of our performances are interactive. Participants are able to engage with the characters the characters in both SLaVe and CHaiNS. This exchange sometimes leads to spirited and emotional conversations, especially in our most popular performance SLaVe. Based on the availability of our college diversity speaker as well as the affordable pricing of our programming, we strongly encourage you to book in advance.


SLaVe: Touring since 1996, SLaVe is our critically acclaimed educational performance which focuses on the relationship between two brothers who could not be more different in the view of life. In light of their mother’s recent death, brothers Malcolm and Michael sit on the stage of a popular talk show and speak about the experiences which have made them who they are. The interactive performance features a talk show style setting providing interaction between the audience and the characters. This performance usually books out for Black History Month. Advance booking strongly encouraged.

Programming Suggestions: Black History Month, Multicultural Programming, Diversity Programming


CHaiNS: Three men from very different lives talk about what being gay means to them. This performance features three characters, one flamboyantly gay, one living a down low lifestyle, and one the father a young  who has come to regret kicking his son out onto the streets. This play addresses issues of misogamy, heterosexism, and race, class and gender as it plays into one’s sexual orientation. The audience meets an openly gay man, a “DL” brotha, and the father of a gay man who was killed in the rural south. The interactive play features an Oprah Winfrey style setting providing interaction between the audience and the characters.

Programming Suggestions: LGBT Programming, Multicultural Programming, Diversity Programming

Interview With The Monster

Interview With A Monster: This educational performance follows the HIV virus as it travels through 7 different people. The audience is able to get inside the mind of this very matter of fact virus as it infects and replicates itself and slowly weakens its hosts.

Program Suggestions: World AIDS Day Programming, Health Education Programming, Safer Sex Education

Pages from the Journal (NEW)

Pages from the Journal: An upper middle class Black man living in New York City’s downtown Manhattan Financial District finds the rhyme book of a young Black man, left on the subway,  while coming from an upscale loft party in downtown Brooklyn.

Program Suggestions: Black History Month programming, Multicultural Programming