Tomas Bell’s well-seasoned presentation style provides audiences with a powerfully moving and memorable educational experience. Much more than a public speaker, Tomas is a performer, facilitator, radio personality and keynote presenter with over 13 years experience presenting diversity, multicultural, team building and leadership presentations to collegiate and corporate audiences across the US and Canada.

Tomas marries an engaging and interactive presentation style with well-researched material. His light-hearted and humorous approach eases his audience and helps them to open up and share parts of themselves that they normally would not. As one attendee of the “ISIM” workshop once said, “…this was more like a town hall meeting. I didn’t expect to come here and be so deeply affected. I’m like so connected to everyone right now. It’s like not even funny.”

A true social philosopher, Tomas presents theory in a practical way by engaging students through real life scenarios. Whether you book an interactive presentation or a one man performance, your student body will be an integral part of the process.

Tomas believes that, “A honest conversation which includes a comfortable degree of vulnerability is one of the many paths one uses to find one’s self. If you are willing to share and listen as both are important for growth with an open heart and mind, you may be surprised at what you learn about yourself, your neighbor and your world.”

Through Tomasian Entertainment LLC, Tomas offers a diverse range of options including 2 hour presentations and one man performances up to full day seminars. By combining his background in business, theatre, music and dance, Tomas creates multi-cultural presentations, workshops and performances that are unique, innovative, well researched and always well received.

His range of personal experience and professional expertise enhances his ability to relate to his audience, as he incorporates diversity, multiculturalism, identity development, leadership development, social justice, coalition building and team development into his performances, workshops and keynote presentations.

Whether you seek a traditional keynote address, an innovative workshop or an interactive one-man performance, Tomas’ wealth of experience makes him the clear choice when considering your organizations next diversity, leadership or team building presenter.