Mid-Month October Booking Letter Booking Sale


And thank you for an amazing first 2 and half weeks! It’s Tara Vogel, the new Booking Manager for the Tomasian Entertainment ‘TE! College Tours’ program. I wanted to take a break from following up on your booking requests to share some exciting news with you.

The first thing I’m excited to share is that we now have three new workshops and we’re returning a performance from last year to the schedule. Attack of the Trolls is our first new workshop. This workshop deals with internet trolling and cyber bullying. Are You being your best You is our latest identity development workshop focusing on making the best (and sometimes hard) choices in our journey to be our best self. Our last workshop is Lead with love and watch them hate you. Do you allow others to dictate how your respond to or situations? This workshop talks about tools that you can use to ensure that you are always leading with love. This season will also see the return of Pages from the Journal a 1hr and 15min performance piece surrounding an affluent Black man finding a less affluent Black Man’s rhymebook.

The last bit of exciting news is our newest booking sale.  In celebration of my arrival to TE! and the arrival of all this amazing new programming, all booking requests received from now until October 31 will be priced at the all inclusive flat fee of $1,800. This applies to all booking requests for November 1 forward. So it seems the scariest thing this Halloween will be not contacting me and missing the opportunity to bring such amazing programming to your campus for such an affordable price.

Visit our website at http://tecollegetours.com for even more information on our diversity based team building, leadership and identity development performances and workshops. Call me directly at 201-633-5748 x704 if your booking request is for November or December so I can make immediate arrangements. Otherwise feel free to use our booking form located at http://tecollegetours.com.

Best Regards,

Tara Vogel
Booking Manager / TE College Tours
201-633-5748 x704